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High-security Zone

Agent ‘H’

January 11, 2018


Agent ‘X’:

Status Report: Mission Success.

Integration into my new assignment at the Diefenbunker was successful. I have established my identity as intern Agent ‘H’. I have been granted full access to the Bunker and archives.

In accordance with mission perimeters I will thoroughly document all classified operations and report details to you directly. All information contained in my mission briefs should be considered ‘Top Secret’ and handled in accordance with proper security protocols.

Orientation provided the opportunity to observe the machine room which remains operational. Hazards were present as the floor surfaces were often uneven, ceilings low and visibility limited in many sectors. Infiltration of the machine room is not advisable under current conditions. The machinery is uniquely structured to withstand direct impact, with generators being mounted to spring boards allowing movement to occur in case of ground impact. Venting also includes accordion style structures allowing the venting to shift and contract. As a result, a direct assault on the Bunker from ground level will likely have little impact on power and internal operations.

Further reports to follow once more information has been acquired.

Agent ‘H’


Ottawa Museum Network LogoOn behalf of its member museums, the Ottawa Museum Network would like to thank the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada for their continued support of Ottawa’s local museums and heritage community. This “Top Ten” list highlights just a few of the successful projects and accomplishments that have been made possible as a result of the generous funding provided by our supporters.

1. Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War MuseumOn February 14th, the Diefenbunker held its first ever romantic evening underground, ‘Love Under Cover’. The event received an amazing response from the community and sold out as of the weekend before. The night included delicious food catered by Carp’s own The Chesire Cat Pub, specialty chocolates handcrafted by the chocolatier at The Swan, and a Cold War era movie. Visitors were also treated to the first viewing of material from a recent Oral History project. The short film Love and Duty featured former employees at of the Diefenbunker who discussed what it would have been like to leave their loved ones behind during a nuclear attack.

2. Vanier Museopark

Muséoparc: boy looking in sugar bucketThe Museopark’s team is currently planning the 2012 Maple Sugar Fest that will take place from Sunday, March 25 to Sunday, April 1, 2012. The activities will be held at 300 des Pères Blancs Avenue in Ottawa, just a couple of minutes away from Parliament Hill. This year, a diversified program will be presented. Close to 5000 people are expected to enjoy this event. Come savour some maple syrup with us!

3. Goulbourn Museum

Goulbourn MuseumOn Monday February 20th (Family Day) the Goulbourn Museum held its annual Heritage Day Open House. Fifty-three guests explored the newly renovated pioneer exhibit, enjoyed light refreshments and mingled with Museum staff and members of the Board of Directors. Smaller visitors were kept busy with a variety of heritage-themed games including: building a miniature log cabin, creating a pioneer quilt out of paper, and discovering artefacts.

4. Billings Estate National Historic Site

Billings Estate National Historical SiteBillings Estate expanded its summer programming into the winter by offering Preschool Play Dates every Saturday morning in February.  The one-hour program gave kids between the ages of 2.5 and 4 years the opportunity to interact with the museum in a hands-on way, while learning about things like baking and the seasons, and how Ottawa’s pioneers approached these subjects.

5. Pinhey’s Point Historic Site

Pinhey's Point Historic SitePinhey’s Point continued its ever popular Snowshoeing Under the Stars program this winter, with four sessions offered.  Each hike explored the history of snowshoeing in Canada before delving into more theme-specific topics, like wildlife in the winter, First Nations history and how pioneers survived the winter.  The sessions were capped off with hot chocolate around a bonfire.

6. Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum

Osgoode Township Historical Society and MuseumThe Osgoode Township Museum hosted a wonderful Kids Craft Day at the beginning of the month, with children creating colourful dragons in honour of the Chinese New Year as well as a variety of Valentine “Love Bugs” to give to their friends on the 14th.  The museum also welcomed several children from the surrounding area for a PD Day Program which explored the mysterious creatures of myth and legend through games, crafts and other fun activities.  Several participants took part in our Hat-Making adult workshop, which was a great success, and everyone went home with a beautiful and unique headpiece!

7. Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

Cumberland Heritage Village MuseumCumberland Heritage Village Museum was the perfect winter wonderland for the Cumberland Community Association’s annual Winter Fest celebration! Over 300 visitors enjoyed sleigh rides, snow shoe relays, snowmen and snowball target practice whilst inside local favourites, ‘Corkery Road’ regaled the crowd with their Celtic tunes and stories.

8. Nepean Museum

Nepean MuseumFairfields and Nepean Museum staff participated in the Ottawa Carleton Elementary Teacher’s Federation (OCETF) P.D. day, highlighting educational programs and kits offered by the two sites. The “February Fling” event at Fairfields saw a full crowd for the program. In addition, the monthly Sunday “Family Zone” event “Costumes and Cameras” at Nepean Museum drew a capacity crowd, proof that our Family programming continues to grow in popularity.

9. Watson’s Mill

Watson's MillOn Monday February 20th Watson’s Mill hosted a Family Day/Heritage Day drop in with activities, exhibits and demonstrations the whole family could enjoy. Over 90 people popped in to play with heritage toys, create old fashioned tumble clowns and take part in a Tatting demonstration. In partnership with the Rideau Township Historical Society, an exhibit on Timothy Eaton was also a highlight for visitors to recall the good old days of shopping.

10. Bytown Museum

Bytown MuseumIn February the Bytown Museum actively participated in Winterlude. The museum hosted a tent on the canal during the weekends providing family activities and games.  In turn many people visited the museum as part of their Winterlude experience. Staff would like to thank all of the volunteers for coming out and helping with the set-up and activities and promotion of the museum. In addition to preparing and delivering quality programming and exhibitions, the museum has been engaged in organizational initiatives to enhance its ability to serve the Ottawa community.

Over the next couple months, the Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum will be undergoing a refresh project (AKA Operation Wake Sleeping Giant) with our online communications. One of the main goals of this project is to improve our visitor experience online.

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