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High-security Zone

Agent ‘H’

January 11, 2018


Agent ‘X’:

Status Report: Mission Success.

Integration into my new assignment at the Diefenbunker was successful. I have established my identity as intern Agent ‘H’. I have been granted full access to the Bunker and archives.

In accordance with mission perimeters I will thoroughly document all classified operations and report details to you directly. All information contained in my mission briefs should be considered ‘Top Secret’ and handled in accordance with proper security protocols.

Orientation provided the opportunity to observe the machine room which remains operational. Hazards were present as the floor surfaces were often uneven, ceilings low and visibility limited in many sectors. Infiltration of the machine room is not advisable under current conditions. The machinery is uniquely structured to withstand direct impact, with generators being mounted to spring boards allowing movement to occur in case of ground impact. Venting also includes accordion style structures allowing the venting to shift and contract. As a result, a direct assault on the Bunker from ground level will likely have little impact on power and internal operations.

Further reports to follow once more information has been acquired.

Agent ‘H’


The first week of school is almost over, and it’s time to think of fall. Carp, as an agricultural community, is a busy place this time of year, especially on weekends. If you are coming out to visit us at the Diefenbunker, there are many things to do around here.

Saturdays, the Carp Market, from 8 AM-2 PM, is a bustling place full of enticing market stalls, food, and friendly folks, such as Joe from Pizza All’Antica. A mobile wood-burning pizza oven owned and operated by the whole family serves up authentic Neapolitan pizzas at the market.

Pizza in the Oven

Joe from Pizza All’Antica. Photo by Henriette Riegel (c) 2012

Carp Carrots

Carrots at the Carp Market. Photo by Henriette Riegel (c) 2012

Across the road is the new Alice’s Village Café, where you can get a great cup of coffee and lunch or a decadent snack (try the ‘Big Nasty’ cinnamon bun), open weekends starting at 7 AM and weekdays at 6 AM. Speaking of decadent treats, Twisty Cream, just down the road from Alice’s, is one of my favourite spots for ice cream, and this is certainly a great place to take your family after visiting the Diefenbunker. I have a hard time driving by here on a hot summer afternoon without stopping for a cone. And because it’s Carp, even the family pet gets a small cone.

Alice's Village Cafe

Alice’s Village Cafe. Photo by Henriette Riegel (c) 2012

Twisty Cream Ice Cream - Sundae

Twisty Cream Sundae. Photo by Henriette Riegel (c) 2012

Carp is also the home of Carp Pizza and The Swan. Carp Pizza offers a discount for Diefenbunker birthday parties and rentals, and they even do gluten-free pizza crust. The Swan caters many Diefenbunker events and rentals and is known for their creative catering and their delicious hand-made chocolates and cakes. Sunny, the chocolatier, loves a challenge, and has made such delicacies as ‘nuclear fallout shelter’ truffles and spy-meets-spy birthday cakes for us. Lunches and dinners are also delicious, cooked by Cordon Bleu-trained chef Joe.

Carp Pizza - storefront image

Carp Pizza – photo by Henriette Riegel (c) 2012

The Swan at Carp - restaurant

The Swan at Carp – photo by Henriette Riegel (c) 2012

A visit on Sunday can also be combined with attending a church service. Both St. James the Apostle Anglican Church and St. Paul’s United Church hold Sunday services, at 9.30 AM and 10.30 AM respectively.

St James' Church

St James’ Church – photo by Henriette Riegel (c) 2012

Although Carp is only a half hour’s drive from downtown Ottawa, the quaint and friendly village atmosphere will make you feel like you are on vacation. It’s a great place to take your family for a day’s outing.

Please ask any Diefenbunker staff or volunteers for more suggestions on what to do in Carp and the surrounding area! We are happy to help!
613-839-0007 or

Two Spies watch intensely as Ralph teaches them Morse Code

Two Spies watch intensely as Ralph teaches them Morse Code

It’s that time of year again: the Diefenbunker is now headquarters for groups of spies in training.

Spy Camp runs for 9 weeks this summer, and we’ve already graduated three great groups of new DiefenSpies!

The theme for week two of Spy Camp was Making and Breaking Codes. They say that to be the best, you have to learn from the best. When it comes to coding – what better place than the former most top secret military communications base?

We brought in an expert to teach our DiefenSpies the art of Morse Code.

Ralph Cameron has been a volunteer with us for three years. He’s an amateur radio operator at the Bunker’s station, VE3CWM, and an expert in Morse Code. He’s so fluent in Morse Code that he even listens to books on tape in code!

Spy learns how to communicate by Morse Code

A DiefenSpy learns how to communicate by Morse Code

Ralph came in to teach our campers how to spell their names in Morse Code by using the telegraph. Through this he is teaching them about a form of communication that has had a huge influence on the development of communications in Canada and the world. In its 33 years of operations, CFS Carp was a communication centre for the military, and the Diefenbunker preserves and important part of the history of communications.

As we start to see a generation of children with no firsthand knowledge of the Cold War, it is ever important to bridge the generational gap and share knowledge like Ralph’s.

Guess What???

There is still time to sign up for Spy Camp! Please visit our Spy Camp page on our website or give us a call: 613-839-0007.

Two people kissing with gas masks on and atomic bomb cloud in backgroundHoping to find love under cover? You might want to come to the bunker this February 14th as the Diefenbunker hosts its very first Valentine’s Day event. There will be a lovely meal catered by local favourite, The Cheshire Cat Pub, and specialty chocolates handcrafted for us by the chocolatier at The Swan. We will also be showing a Cold War love story film, and even have a pop-up boutique where you can purchase something for your special someone!

Single, but still think it sounds like a great event to attend? Come on out and join others at the mixer table, who knows, maybe you will find love in a hopeless place!!

Call us at 613-839-0007 to make inquiries or reservations, hope to see you there for love under cover!