Welcome to Spy Camp!


Is your child spy material? Do they ever notice things others have overlooked? Find riddles and codes to be no challenge at all? The Diefenbunker is offering a chance to perfect those spy skills by training young spies all summer long.
Spy Camp gives campers the opportunity to complete week-long missions while training to obtain the mysterious status of a Bunker Agent. Every week there will be a different theme to perfect a specific spy skill set, so don’t be afraid to sign up for more than one!

The Art of Espionage
The Art of Espionage is a how-to guide to becoming a spy. From creating new identities, to learning about famous spies to embarking on your own mission, our spy instructors will tell all. At the end of training, our spy trainees will be ready to take on spy missions of their own and will go down in history as masters of all spy trades.


Making And Breaking Codes
Does your child know how to break a top secret code using nothing but their own knowledge? Can they send secret messages in Morse Code? This week of Spy Camp will focus on training young spies to use their top-notch spy intelligence to create, break and design their own codes. After completing daily missions, spies will be master coders.

Master of Disguise
Does your child ever pretend to be someone else? To take on a different identity? Spy Camp’s Master of Disguise training will perfect those skills by using several different methods of disguise to complete daily missions. Spies who graduate from this week of spy training will be completely undetectable to enemy spies with the skills they acquire, and will truly become masters of disguise!

Investigation: Hunt for the Mole
There is a mole among the bunker staff; a spy gone bad is leaking inside information to the evil Agent X! This week in spy camp, young spies will attempt to sniff out the mole by solving mysteries and looking for clues. Learning sneaky spy techniques will help them on their mission.

The Science Behind Spying
This week in spy camp will focus on experiments to aid in solving Agent X’s riddles. Using the power of science, spies will learn various skill including fingerprinting to improve their spy techniques.Training will allow the spies to use their smarts as well as their stealth to put an end to Agent X’s reign of evil!

The Case of the Missing Spy
Help! One of the Bunker Spies has gone missing and it’s up to the young spy trainees to help us locate them. Using masterful problem solving and wonderful stealthy moves, the spies will be put to the test to try to save the missing spy before they’re taken by the evil Agent X!

Whichever week your child attends, they will be gaining valuable spy experience, learning about the Cold War and the bunker, as well as creating fun memories they’ll never forget! We look forward to having your child join the ranks of the Diefenbunker Spy Academy!

For more information, see our website!

by Noelle Wielowieyski (Bunker Guide and Spy Master)


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