Farewell to our amazing team from the summer of 2014!

With Labour Day weekend just days away, we at the Diefenbunker are preparing to bid farewell to an impressive group of young people who kept the Bunker running smoothly throughout the busy summer months.  They tackled specially assigned projects; led secret missions over nine action-packed weeks of Spy Camp; greeted and toured the masses every day of the summer; and hosted innumerable Bunker birthday parties on weekends.  Not to mention the unexpected challenges that arise in a busy, underground bunker museum!

Some were familiar faces from summers past or from part-time work throughout the year, others were new recruits from back in the spring.  We thank them all for their amazing work and wish them our very best in their future endeavours.  

We are very fortunate to be holding on to a few from the team and look forward to working with them throughout our busy fall season.

Thanks again and best wishes to one and all!

Cassie Claire Emma Katie Baird Madeliene Marcelina Nick Nico Elisabeth

Kaitlin Sean Krista Steph Torie


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