Theramin Concert and Cocktails at the Diefenbunker!

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Events

Theremin and Cocktails v5 (3)

For a truly unique experience, come to the Diefenbunker Museum this Wednesday, July 16th, at 7pm for a classical music concert. For the third year in a row, we are participating in the Music & Beyond Festival. This year we are thrilled to host Thorwald Jørgensen on the theramin. Named after its Russian inventor, Léon Theramin, who patented the device in 1928, the theramin is an early electronic instrument that is played without any physical contact by the performer. And in a Get Smart-like twist, Léon Theramin also invented a spy tool called ‘The Thing’. For those Beach Boys fans out there, a theramin-like instrument can be heard on their hit song Good Vibrations (it’s that wooooo hooooo noise!) and was also used to produce the eerie sounds for science fiction movies. And naturally Sheldon plays the theramin on the Big Bang Theory. Clearly this is an instrument eminently suitable for the Bunker!

Thorwald Jørgensen is currently a leading classical thereminist of Europe, but he started his musical career as a classical percussionist. Thorwald has played to great reviews as a chamber musician, soloist and orchestral thereminist in Europe and North America. He has collected an extensive library of original music for the theremin and several composers wrote new pieces for him. This rich and varied repertoire serves to demonstrate that the theremin can offer so much more than dramatic or scary effects in horror movies.

This concert has been generously sponsored by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Tickets are available through Music & Beyond.

The concert is preceded by an optional tour of the Diefenbunker Museum at 6pm (please register for the tour in advance.) The concert is at 7pm, and the cocktail party begins at 8pm.

We are grateful to our food sponsor My Catering Group.

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  1. Greg LeBlanc says:

    Great thanks, it sounds like fun. Curiously, I’ve never seen the spelling such as you have on your poster — i’ve only ever seen it as ‘theremin’. who knew!

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