Morse Code to go! By Kaitlyn Dubeau, Diefenbunker Programs & Exhibition Intern

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Uncategorized


Want a fun crafty way to carry a secret message? Or to give a unique gift to someone with a message only they will know? Using craft supplies available from most craft shops, try making one of these fun homemade gifts for yourself or someone special. You can encrypt a special message or secret by using rounded and long beads to form words in Morse Code.

First, purchase a material you will use as the bracelet. It needs to be knotted and tied so it should be a little stretchy or flexible. We used hemp cord. You will have to knot the end of the bracelet to start so the beads will not slip off.

Secondly, checking your Morse Code chart, plan your message before you begin so you don’t have to restart if you miss a bead! It’s helpful to print out a copy of Morse Code like the one below, and then to write out the message on paper.


After each letter you make, knot the bracelet so that each letter is separated in your message or word. For example, if your message is “I love you” then your bracelet should go as follows:


* – ** KNOT – – – KNOT * * * – KNOT * KNOT

– * – – KNOT – – – KNOT * * –   KNOT



Once you have your message on the bracelet, you can knot the end to keep the beads in place and message protected!

In the months of July and August, the Diefenbunker will be at Ottawa Public Library locations around Ottawa for a special program called Morse Code Bracelets! Kids who attend will learn about Morse Code and will get to try it out on a telegraph key. During the session, kids will create their own secret encrypted messages on their own bracelets to take home!

For more information visit the Ottawa Public Library website.

  1. Ralph Cameron says:

    I see you have “K-A-I-T and the beginning of “L”. on your bracelt-very good!

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