Good Night, and Good Luck

George Clooney smartly directs this 2005 film, that chronicles the real-life conflict between television news pioneer Edward R. Murrow and the “witch hunting” Senator Joseph McCarthy. Backed by an all-star cast as his studio production team, David Strathairn brilliantly portrays earnest and determined Murrow who delivers sobering facts to American audiences as he “tries McCarthy in the press”, on the documentary show See It Now. … Continue reading Good Night, and Good Luck

Late Autumn Weekends in Carp

The first week of school is almost over, and it’s time to think of fall. Carp, as an agricultural community, is a busy place this time of year, especially on weekends. If you are coming out to visit us at the Diefenbunker, there are many things to do around here. Saturdays, the Carp Market, from 8 AM-2 PM, is a bustling place full of enticing … Continue reading Late Autumn Weekends in Carp