There’s nothing Cold about this film: The Ugly American

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Cold War Movies, Public Programs

Come and enjoy our 4th Cold War Cinema film this evening at 7pm. Filmed in Thailand this 1963 political thriller is filled with bombings and murders – There is nothing cold about this film!

Experience Marlon Brando, pre-Godfather, as he attempts to negotiate the construction of Freedom Road, a lifeline for the people of the fictional South East Asian country of Sarkhan

Brando plays know-it-all ambassador Harrison Carter MacWhite, who is sent to Sarkhan to oversee the construction of a key road and smooth over political turbulence. From the moment he arrives into the country, he is met with violence and suspicion. Unable to trust even his wartime ally Deong, MacWhite is faced with Deong’s shift from former friend to rebel farmer who dislikes Americans and their exploitation of the Sarkhanese people and who is responsible for several riots against the Americans.

The film is based on the novel The Ugly American by Burdick and Lederer and draws from actual experiences that took place in American-occupied Vietnam during the Cold War. The film criticizes American behaviour by depicting the ugly attitude of American workers in Vietnam and by mirroring the sentiment of the local people toward Americans. Based on real people, the characters illustrate the range of human strengths and weaknesses during political conflict.

Optional guided tour of the Bunker is offered at 6pm.

Cost: $8 for movie only.
FREE for members.
$15 for guided tour and movie.

Details: 613-839-0007 or


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