Writing Home to Mom on Canada Day

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Events, Local Community, Public Programs

Did you know that employees at Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Carp were only allowed to invite their family members to see their underground workplace one day per year? That day was Canada Day!

As employees of CFS Carp were obligated to keep their work secret from their friends and family, we are now happy to reveal the perspective of the former “Bunker” employees in our oral history video clips. Cool off in the War Cabinet room and see what workers had to say about being stationed here.

Who would you invite to the Bunker?

Dear Mom,
Just wanted to give you a shout out from underground! How’s the weather out there?
Come visit soon!
Love, Olive

That’s right! We want to know if you had to choose only one person to bring with you into the Bunker, who would it be? You can add your response to our special post card wall and check out who others would choose!

Design your own Bunker postcard!

Take the opportunity to make a personalized Bunker postcard featuring you in our blast tunnel and mail it to friends with a custom CFS Carp stamp!

Family Fun!

Get your face painted, play outdoor games and enjoy icy snow-cones!

K0A Postal Code gets in FREE!

In the spirit of keeping the family ties, the Diefenbunker extends an invitation to all those who live in the K0A postal area to come see our humble abode FREE of charge, simply present a piece of mail or valid identification indicating a K0A postal code at Guard House.

Regular admission costs apply.
Museum Members and Connexion Card holders get in FREE.

Hours: 11:00am – 4:00pm

For more information on Canada Day, Writing Home to Mom, please contact us at 613.839.0007 or at events@diefenbunker.ca.


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