The Iron Curtain

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Cold War, Cold War Movies

Did you know that the Cold War began in Ottawa?

The Iron CurtainShot in Ottawa and released in May 1948, The Iron Curtain movie depicts the true story of one of the greatest events in Canadian history, the defection of Igor Gouzenko on September 5, 1945.  As an encoding clerk working in a secret department within the Soviet Embassy on Charlotte street Gouzenko was aware of much of the Russian espionage network in Canada, Europe and the USA.  The movie captures the changing beliefs of Gouzenko who came to realize that Canadians were no threat to the Soviet Union and how the Soviet communist system was not what he thought it was.  His defection was at great risk to himself and his family and almost didn’t succeed.   A fascinating true account of what many regard as the start of the Cold War.

Join us on Tuesday June 19 at 7:00pm to watch
The Iron Curtain.

Optional guided tour: 6pm
Movie: 7pm.
Cost: $15 for Tour & Movie, $8 Movie only
3911 Carp Road, Carp ON, K0A 1L0

Gouzenko home and plaque on Somerset Street

Wait there is more!

In the future, take some time to view the City of Ottawa and the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaques placed across from Gouzenko’s apartment at 511 Somerset Street West in order to commemorate this historic event.  While you are watching the movie, we invite you to think of his future daughter’s visit to the Diefenbunker which she made in 2004.

  1. We should mention that we have retro candy for sale and FREE popcorn!

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