Gift of the Gab: The Scoop on Mother’s Day

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Events, Exhibitions

Elle The Bunker Girl

There is only a day until the Bunker presents Bunkers, Boys, & Babies: Ladies of the Cold War, the Diefenbunker’s first ever Mother’s Day event. Thus far, I only baited you with a few glimpses of what we have in store for this event. I must say, to list the rest of the activities, there are a tremendous amount of things to mention in this blog! And I still owe the readers a DIY project.

First things first, let’s talk about aprons and the tradition following them. The apron is still viewed by most as the epitome of domesticity. With women taking to the workforce, perhaps their importance in the house-hold dwindled, although seemingly, there is a specific niche market for them as younger girls embrace the more creative and elaborate designs. At Vintage Wear/Ware, a quaint vintage shop in Almonte, their presence is strewn all across the store serving as a great example of retro flair.

Vicki Racey, owner of Vintage Wear/Ware, explains that “the apron evokes a warm feeling of nostalgia- a kitchen scented with baking,” an image contrary to its utilitarian design to protect clothing from “the drudgery of hard work”. But having to wear these purposeful garments every day was unacceptable for women of the time if these looked drab. This is especially so as women needed to show style while assuring the upkeep of their home, exemplifying perfect housewife etiquette. This created a variety of different styles of aprons for various occasions.

Adorable Apron

Fun Smock Apron

Flirty Apron

Come see our great selection of aprons along with gorgeous vintage baskets for sale in our Cold War Store! Also, you’ll be sure to see some of us Bunker girls strutting proudly with our own aprons.

Example of scrumptious cake pops from Cupcakes at Heart

To sum up this Mother’s Day event, a guided Women’s History tour is offered every hour on the hour starting at 11am and the last offered at 2pm. After your tour, you have the choice to self- guide through the museum and attend Marcia Lea’s Cold War art show in the cafeteria. Of course, we’ll have the MADD “mocktails” along with some delicious cake pops from Carleton Place’s Cupcakes at Heart (while quantities last).

On top of all that, we’d like to toss in some pampering time. This unusual association of the word “pampering” with an underground blast shelter is definitely thinking outside the box, but that is what we’re in the business of doing at the Bunker and exactly what we offer this Mother’s Day! Fulton’s Pancake House is offering mini-hand treatments* to mothers for that much needed pampering, and for that quality time with the kids, “Mommy & Me” treatments as well.

Feel free to send the kids to the art and crafts room while you peruse the exhibits and mingle in our lounge area, set-up expressly for this event.

Finally, that well awaited do-it-yourself project. As you will see, throughout the Bunker, these fun and easy tissue pom-poms are a great way to add splashes of colour throughout your event space. Anyone can make them, and is a great project for mother and children.

Tissue Pom-Poms

Step 1- Take between 8-10 sheets of tissue paper. You can mix your colours here to make wacky pom-poms.

Step 2- Depending on how full or large you want the pom-pom, you can fold along either edge a 1 ½ inch fold. Folding along the long edge will make a big pom-pom, where as folding along the shorter edge will make the pom-pom smaller but seem fuller. Flip and fold the other sid and continue to do so to create an accordion fold.

Step 3- Gather loosely in the centre with a twist-tie, pipe cleaner, string, or ribbon.

Step 4- Once secured, you can cut the ends in different shapes (into points or scallops) depending if you want a certain look to them.

Step 5- Carefully separate and fluff each layer until you get a pom-pom. You can choose to pull them all one directions to create a flower that rests on a surface.

Et voilà!

A good link for this project is Martha Stewart’s website. I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Be sure to stop by the Bunker and see how creative we’ve been with our pom-poms!

See you all on Mother’s Day!

*Mini-hand treatments offered between 12pm and 3pm by Fulton’s Pancake House, using Maple Luscious products. Please reserve your space in advance by calling us at 613-839-0007. Mini hand-treatments are sold separately: $15 per person or $20 for mother and child. Cash only.


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