What do potatoes and the Diefenbunker have in common?

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Local Community

We both thrive underground and we prove to be deeply rooted in our community.

Today, a group of students from the Heritage Academy came to explore the Diefenbunker while the Vice Principal (Derek), the Director of Physical Education (Mike), and our Marketing and Community Relations Manager (Kelly) dug up a space to plant a potato garden!

Planting PotatoesThe Diefenbunker is taking part in the Potato Project; an initiative developed by the school as a means to grow fresh food for people in need. In September, the potatoes will be harvested by the students and donated to the Ottawa Food Bank. Their goal is to donate 2 tonnes of potatoes to the Ottawa Food Bank and we are excited to contribute.

Heritage Academy was an amazing support. They brought 150 year old reclaimed timber to use as the walls of our garden, mushroom compost mixed with top soil and two different types of potatoes: Kanabec and Red Chiefton (donated by Homestead Organics).

Derek, standing beside our new potato patch!As a local community museum, the Diefenbunker embraces the fact that we are also part of a vibrant community that supports our programs and activities. To us, being part of the Potato Project is our way to give back to our community. In a small way we are helping to make Ottawa a better place to live.

To learn more and/or become a part of the Potato Project you can visit their Spud Blog here.

To see more pictures, please visit our album on Facebook.

We will keep you updated on our potato progress and if you have any tips or tricks for growing spuds please leave us a reply below!

Students standing by the fresh potato patch!

  1. This is such an exciting project!

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