No Fighting in the War Room!

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Cold War Movies, Events, Public Programs

“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room,”

exclaims President Merkin Muffley as General ‘Buck’ Turgidson scuffles with Russian Ambassador, Alexi de Sadesky. Of course, the irony of this statement makes the Cold War Cinema audience laugh as it is one of the most recognized and quoted lines from the movie.

The 1964 cult classic, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb reintroduced our Cold War Cinema last Tuesday and proved what a great following this film has. We had over 55 people visit us for the first showing! The museum had delicious retro-style candy from The Candy Store and Dad’s Root Beer on sale, and to fit the vintage vibe of the evening …and let’s face it, of the museum! Unfortunately, the treats were not sold at “war” prices, as one visitor hoped for, recognizing some of the candy from his childhood.

The night was a success and incorporated a guided tour and a question and answer period lead by resident Dr. Strangelove-fan-extraordinaire and volunteer, Les Ott.

We hope to attract the same number for our showing of the German film “Good Bye, Lenin!” next movie night on May 15th.

Quiz time!

Welcome to Cold War Cinema!

No fighting in the War Room!

Dad's Root beer on ice. So retro.

Are these sold at "war" prices?

Thank you Candy Store!

For those who participated in the Dr. Strangelove quiz, here are the answers:

  1. The movie did start out as a serious suspense drama. As the movie script evolved the more bizarre elements of the madness that could result in a nuclear war became the defining tone for the dark satirical comedy we enjoy today.
  2. The book titled “World Targets in Megadeaths” is seen in the War Room, with the US President and with one of his generals.
  3. Even though the movie was in black and white, Kubrick wanted the actors to get the feeling of a poker game that was being played with the lives of the citizens of the world. The table in the War Room was green.
  4. When the B-52 is depicted over the USSR the backdrop is from footage shot over Greenland and Iceland. Indeed, when the film crews were flying over Greenland and Iceland they, by accident, came near a secret US airbase and were forced to land until the incident was cleared up.
  5. The movie suggests a 10:1 ratio of females to males in a bunker.
  6. Peter Sellers plays three roles. He plays an RAF officer (Group Captain Lionel Mandrake), the US President (Merkin Muffley), and the President’s advisor (Dr. Strangelove).
  7. Sellers was also slated to play the bomber commander (Major T.J. ‘King’ Kong) role, but he was injured during the filming of one of these scenes and could not complete the shoots. Indeed, some believe that the wheel chair was used in the Dr. Strangelove scenes due to Sellers’s injury.
  8. Peter Sellers was famous for improvising during a movie shoot. He added the black glove to Dr. Strangelove’s wardrobe from watching Kubrick who periodically wore black gloves when handling hot lights used on the set.
  9. Both bombs said: “Nuclear Warhead Handle With Care”. One also said: “Dear John”. The other said: “Hi There”.
  10. There is only one woman in the entire movie. In one scene she has an acting role, in another scene she is depicted in a Playboy type photograph.
  11. Prophylactics, lipstick, and nylon stockings are unusual items found in the air crew survival kit.
  12. The original script called for “A good time in Dallas”, but with Kennedy having just been shot in Dallas the other words were dubbed in.
  13. Major Kong keeps his cowboy in the safe of the B-52.
  14. The Civil Defence poster is in the scene where Peter Sellers tries to get some change to make a phone call. Note the spelling is Civil Defense since the poster is at a USAF bomber base.
Wait! There’s more Cold War Cinema for your entertainment!

Our next Cold War Cinema Film is Tuesday May 15th, 2012. We are showing Good Bye Lenin! in honour of Mother’s Day. For complete details, please visit our website here.

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What Cold War movie would you like us to play? Please leave a reply below to let us know or email:


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