Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Events, Local Community, Public Programs

Elle The BunkerGirl

This is blog number two on our Mother’s Day event and I’m happy to say that we have come a long way since the last blog. After some thought, and a suggestion from Jess, one of our Visitor Services Coordinators, we are relieved to announce that we have a title that properly reflects the content of what we’re offering at this event, “Bunkers, Boys, & Babies: Ladies of the Cold War”. And before your mind goes off on a tangent, I need to clarify that we are not auctioning off eligible bachelors (boys)…at least, not at this event. Wink. Wink.

Last week, I met with Ottawa’s Cold War artist, Marcia Lea, to discuss the installation of her art pieces. It was a great pleasure to meet an artist who has so much to say about the Cold War and the Diefenbunker, and rightly so. The Cold War is a hot topic and with the end of days looming, so are bunkers! The rising interest in the 60s, for instance, is emphasized with the resurgence of retro design and popular shows like “Mad Men” which have some reflection on gender roles, sexuality, and of course depictions in advertisement. To know more about Marcia Lea, and her art, please visit her website at .

On a similar note, Marcia’s art alludes to gender roles and sex during the Cold War and takes on a graphic style akin to the advertisement and propaganda of the era. Pieces from the “Portrait of a Fortress” and from the “Gender Power Agenda” exhibitions have been selected for the installation. Marcia will be on site to offer information and great discussion topics for those sitting in our lounge area, expressly created for this event!

Marcia Lea's graphic "Cold War Web". Note the lipstick and bombs.

Eames Lounge Chair, a 60s design still in style. I wish I had one of these in my office.

Popular Eames Molded Chairs that you'll find throughout the bunker!

To tie gender, sexuality and the Cold War together we are offering our custom Women’s History tour every hour on the hour. Think women only held clerical positions in the government during the Cold War era? Think again, as you will be introduced to a famous German female spy and several key Canadian femmes who made a difference during the Cold War.

Next time on the Elle The BunkerGirl Blog, it’s a DIY project! We’re making colourful carnation decorations and delicate origami bouquets, any woman will enjoy…even those with allergies to flowers!


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