Dear John, we’ll meet again…

Although this next blog was dedicated to decoration DIYs, I thought I’d take a pause from the Mother’s Day event to remind everyone about the return of the Diefenbunker’s Cold War Cinema on April 24th! We start the movie season with the well-known cult classic, Stanley Kubric-directed Dr. Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. This dark comedy- emphasis on … Continue reading Dear John, we’ll meet again…

The Easter Bunny did it right! Our First Easter Egg Hunt was a Success!

On Saturday April 7th, we hosted our first underground Easter Egg Hunt at the Diefenbunker and it was a huge success! Over 350 visitors came through the museum. It was so busy that the Easter Bunny had to come back and hide more eggs because we ran out! Here is what one Mom had to say, We had a wonderful time today…what a great way … Continue reading The Easter Bunny did it right! Our First Easter Egg Hunt was a Success!

Atomic Doughnuts, Guided Tours & Ottawa Tourism

Yesterday we hosted our first Ottawa Tourism Shop Talk. What’s a Shop Talk? Ottawa Tourism invites its members to networking sessions. Here hotels, attractions and tour operators can get a little taste of what the other is doing and we can help cross-promote each others’ events, activities and facilities. A little quirky – Shop Talk at the Diefenbunker We offered a mini tour through the … Continue reading Atomic Doughnuts, Guided Tours & Ottawa Tourism

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

This is blog number two on our Mother’s Day event and I’m happy to say that we have come a long way since the last blog. After some thought, and a suggestion from Jess, one of our Visitor Services Coordinators, we are relieved to announce that we have a title that properly reflects the content of what we’re offering at this event, “Bunkers, Boys, & … Continue reading Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

That Sneaky Easter Bunny!!!

The Diefenbunker staff is having a hard time finding all of the eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. After a day like today, during which 350 people visited the museum in search of eggs, we are surprised to find out that there are MORE to find! We were informed by THE Easter Bunny himself that, “there is still a looooad of eggs that haven’t yet been … Continue reading That Sneaky Easter Bunny!!!

Exclusive Interview with the Easter Bunny

Once a year the Easter bunny hops into the homes of millions of families and hides eggs & chocolate. During his first visit to the Diefenbunker, our staff had a unique opportunity to interview THE Easter Bunny! Here is what he had to tell us: Diefenbunker Staff (DS): Thanks for visiting us during this busy time of year. Easter Bunny (EB): No problem! I am happy to be … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with the Easter Bunny