MADD Drinks for a Mad Blog

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Events, Public Programs
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Elle The BunkerGirlElle The BunkerGirl here to report that as things are picking up at the  Diefenbunker, we thought it’d be great to give our bunker fans a behind-the-scenes look at what staff does to plan for this year’s new events!

As Project and Marketing Coordinator, I hope to organize and promote as many fun and quirky events for those who need that nudge to come visit this fabulous National Historic Site. We’re sure to have something pique your interest at least a little bit with this events blog as I will be blogging like mad. If not, we welcome your suggestions! So join us on our journey in “event-ifying” this bunker.

Case Study #1- Mother’s Day

One of the ideas we had for Mother’s Day is to serve “mocktails”, non-alcoholic cocktails, to our visitors. These “mocktails” are quite fitting as they are by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). So before serving them to our wonderful ladies on Mother’s Day, we tasked ourselves with taste-testing them to see if they are worthy of their “mocktail” status. The three options I chose are these summery mixes: Sangria, Margarita, and Mojito.

Nine people from the bunker staff, including myself, tried and rated these beverages for overall taste; on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being disgusting and 10 being delicious. We also commented on their similarity to the real deal.

Here are the scores and some comments:

The Sangria rated the highest with an average score of 7.5. Here’s what the bunker staff had to say about this drink:

“It’s sweeter but lighter than regular sangria”.
“It has a nice fizz to it, a bit more than the usual mixture.”
“It tastes like sangria, but better!”

The Margarita rated lowest with an average score of 4.5. Here’s what bunker staff had to say about this drink:
3 girls with martini glasses at CanX bar

“I love the colour!”
“Cheers to nuclear radiation!”
“It tastes like dirty feet, probably because they tried to simulate the tequila flavor.”

The Mojito rated an average score of 6.1. Here’s what the bunker staff had to say about this drink:

“It isn’t too minty like some mojitos.”
“It’s quite sweet and not as refreshing.”
“It tastes like spearmint toothpaste.”

After taste-testing these three drinks, it is safe to say that we won’t be serving mock margaritas on Mother’s Day. As everyone had a relatively positive remark about the sangria, we’re definitely going with this option! Don’t like sangria? No need to fret as we’ll have an assortment of teas, sodas, and a fruit punch to quench your thirst.

For those interested, I purchased these beverages at a local Shopper’s Drugmart for $9.99 each. The sangria comes in a 750mL bottle, and the mojito and margarita come in a pack of four cans of 250mL each.

For more information or more options for MADD virgin drinks, please visit.

And for more information on this Mother’s Day event, please contact Elle The BunkerGirl at or at 613.839.0007 ext. 265.


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