How to become a Spy

What is one of the most exciting jobs in the world? A spy, of course!

From Spy Headquarters at the Diefenbunker, we have highly trained Special Agents who are willing to share some of the trade secrets. We won’t under any circumstances divulge all of our secrets (for that you will have to enroll in Spy Camp!) but we will give you a taste of how to achieve Spy status.

Our Special Agents, at our top secret Spy Camp, think it is best to learn by example. Let’s take a look at our March Break Spy Camp where several spies-in-training learned the fine art of espionage.

Trade secret #1: Be stealthy

These Spies-in-Training make stealthy tasks look easy: (click on the image to enlarge)
Spies-in-training crawling on their bellies to avoid being exposed to the enemyBoy climbing through red laser obstacleStealth girl makes navigating through lasers look easyBoy slinking his way through laser obstacleBoy standing proud inside laser yarn obstacle

Trade Secret #2: Be intelligent and curious

These Spies-in-Training learn from each other and crack codes together:
Two spies and training share their knowledge2 Spies-in-training examine the clues needed to find Agent xWorking as part of a team is key.2 boys working together

Trade Secret #3: Be a master of disguise

Spies-in-Training can transform their look at any moment:
Spies in disguiseSpies in disguise

Want to know more and truly be part of the inner circle of spies?

Then sign up for one (or more!) of our Spy Camp Summer Sessions:
July 2nd- 6th – The Art of Espionage- all ages (7-12)
July 9th – 13th – Making and Breaking Codes (ages 7-9)
July 16th – 20th – Making and Breaking Codes (ages 10-12)
July 23rd – 27th – Master of Disguise (ages 7-9)
July 30th – August 3rd – Master of Disguise (ages 10-12)
August 6th – 10th – Investigation: The Hunt for a Mole! (ages 7-9)
August 13th – 17th – Investigation: The Hunt for a Mole! (ages 10-12)
August 20th – 24th – The Science behind Spying (ages 7-9)
August 27th – 31st – The Science behind Spying (ages 10-12)

For more information or to register, you can download the registration form on the Diefenbunker website or e-mail or call (613) 839-0007


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