The Atom Struck Tile

The Attack On August 6, 1945 a modified United States B-29 bomber flew over the city of Hiroshima, Japan. It flew with a small crew of men and a weapon known as ‘Little Boy’. ‘Little Boy’ was one of two bombs created as a result of the Manhattan Project, a United States run program to build an atomic weapon. This project began after Albert Einstein … Continue reading The Atom Struck Tile

Debunking the Bunker – Part. 2

Tunnel to parliament A tunnel to parliament is one of the most commonly asked questions on tour. Many people believe that because the Bunker was intended to house Canada’s government in case of emergency, that there must be a secret tunnel that wold have been used to transport the Prime Minster here. Let me first tell you that this is incorrect. There is no secret … Continue reading Debunking the Bunker – Part. 2

Artifact of the Month: Radiac

Our Artifact of the Month for July is a little on the dangerous side. Pleased ensure that you are behind the yellow line at all times. This is going to get radioactive!   Welcome to Radiac, a small room located on the 100 level (bottom floor) of the museum. This room served an essential role in radiation detection for the Bunker. This was the room … Continue reading Artifact of the Month: Radiac

DeBunking the Bunker – Part. 1

When the bunker was decommissioned in 1994 the secret was out. Everyone knew and heard about the Diefenbunker and what it meant for Canada’s survival. As the years have passed, many of its secrets have been revealed, but not all. As a result, there are a LOT of myths surrounding the Bunker. It comes with the territory. You can’t expect to work in a secret … Continue reading DeBunking the Bunker – Part. 1

Volunteer of the Month: Corinne

  Corinne has been volunteering with us since May 2018, so it only seems fitting that we feature her as May’s volunteer of the month! Corinne comes into the Bunker once a week (at least!) and assists our Business Development team with graphics, marketing, events, and so much more. Her amazing graphics and marketing knowledge make her an invaluable member of the team. Many of … Continue reading Volunteer of the Month: Corinne

Artifact of the Month: The Model

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly the Diefenbunker was built, this is the blog post for you! Our featured Artifact of the Month is: The Model! The Model is the original construction model from 1958. Because something like the Diefenbunker had never been attempted before in Canada, they used the model as a map for guiding the layout and construction of the building. In particular, … Continue reading Artifact of the Month: The Model

New Staff Alert!!

This past month we welcomed two new members to our Diefenbunker Team! Meet Robyn and Alysia, our two new tour guides. Robyn and Alysia started work on Monday, May 6th and fit right in with our entire team. Here are their thoughts on their first week underground!   Robyn “My first week at the Diefenbunker have been very exciting! I’ve had the opportunity to follow … Continue reading New Staff Alert!!

This is the story of how one lock and key, unlocked terror.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains sensitive information that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.   On May 8th, 1984 Denis Lortie walked into the National Assembly of Quebec with a sub-machine gun and opened fire, killing 3 and injuring 13 others. His anger was directed at the Parti Québécois because of their advocacy of a Francophone identity for Quebec. 24 … Continue reading This is the story of how one lock and key, unlocked terror.

Volunteer of the Month: Hunter

Last week was National Volunteer Week and we’ve decided to implement a new segment here on the blog: Volunteer of the Month! The Bunker more than 100 people who volunteer throughout the course of the year. These people help keep the lights on and this place running! Our first ever Volunteer of the Month for March is Hunter! Hunter is currently an engineering student at … Continue reading Volunteer of the Month: Hunter